Amrit Dasu is a singer, songwriter & model who was born in the United States and raised in Hong Kong. English is his first language however he is also fluent in Cantonese, Hindi and Punjabi. His mother was also a singer so he has always been drawn to music since the beginning. His father traveled very often for business, so Amrit got to see all parts of the world at very young age, naturally giving him a worldly and eclectic taste in music. Some of his biggest influences are superstars like Michael Jackson, Chris Brown & Jay Sean. He admires the artists who have the look, the voice, the dance moves,the music, and most importantly the ability to have a positive influence on the world, basically the total package, which is what he himself aspires to be.

His music career began taking off, so did his modeling. He

landed an audition for New Era baseball hats. He was the 

face of New Era Baseball caps in all "Lids" stores across

the country. His first single off his new album called November produced by the legendary Rishi Rich is available on Vevo.

He released two brand new EP's in 2014 titled 1986 and November. 

He also has a song in the British film Amar Akbar and Tony called "That's Right" feat Juggy D.

The world is looking very promising for this young star. With

his unique look, talent, and work ethic, its only a matter of time

before he becomes a household name.

“I chose this path because i can express my feelings in a different way and it connects with everyone, it doesn’t matter what nationality, religion or even how you look . As long as your music is touching other’s hearts thats all that matters. But the biggest reason i want this is because of my parents and my brother, they’ve given me a lot in my life and i want them to see their son and brother has always seeked help in their love and is going to succeed with that help. Thank you " – Amrit Dasu